Graphics & Templates License

This license is for graphics or templates only. "Printable" or "DIY file" items are for personal use only, no exceptions.

Little Bit Heart LLC ("we/our/us") licenses our downloadable graphics and templates to Purchaser ("you/your") for personal use and/or limited commercial use (in physical or digital products offered for sale) with the following conditions:

- may only be used in one single commercial project per license (if you want to use it in additional projects, you need to purchase additional licenses)

- must be combined with other elements to create a larger unique work (ie: you can't sell t-shirts with just one of our illustrations on it- you need to combine our illustration with other elements, like other graphics or type)

- the quantity of products offered for sale may not exceed 500 items

- we retain all rights to our artwork- you may not register or trademark any of our artwork

- the end work that incorporates our artwork may not be registered or trademarked (important note: this applies to logos as well, both to protect our artwork and because there may be more than one purchaser of the artwork)

For both personal and commercial use, the license is limited to the original purchaser only- you may not sublicense, share, or resell (unless as part of a unique work as detailed above) or otherwise redistribute any of our artwork. You also cannot claim any of our products as your own work.

Please note: copyright remains with us and this does not grant you an exclusive license (we will continue to sell/use our products). Please keep your proof of purchase on file.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about an extended license, please contact us.